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We design your thoughts with love and passion

about us

Our 1182 Designing company started 26 June 2018. We are giving the services for industries.We are creating new design and new ideas and Engineering Design in different software. Also working in civil designhouse plan, plan elevation and industrial shed design.

Three main types of services are given  below: 
1. Mechanical Designing
2. Civil Designing
3. Web Development

Our Services

Mechanical Design

Our services for Mechanical Design is 2D Drawing, 3D modeling (3D parts and assembly), Drafting & Documentation, rendering and analysis (FEA & CFD).

Civil Design

Our services for Civil Designing is 2D Drawing (house and Industrial 2D plane), 3D modeling (house elevation) and industrial shed Design and rendering.​

Web & App Development

Our services for Web & App Development is developing the website and Mobile app uses for personal and professional work.​

Our management team


Founder & CEO






The design process begins with understanding the customers and their needs. Ideas for new products can come from a variety of sources both within and outside the firm.


Idea screening

Is it necessary to introduce a new product?

Can the existing marketing network sell the new product?

When can the new product break even?


CAD design

Computer-aided design (CAD) is a computer technology that designs a product and documents the design process. CAD may facilitate the manufacturing process by transferring detailed diagrams of a product’s materials, processes, tolerances and dimensions with specific conventions for the product in question.


Product development

 The company has decided to introduce a new product in the market. It will take all the necessary steps to produce and distribute the new product. The production department will make plans to produce the product


Why Select Us?


We are following standards for designing and also having huge experienced staff to deliver quality work.


Smart experience designing with best and updated design tool and market for mechanical and web design.


Following strict deadline as time is best asset people have. 

Our Blog

Multi-purpose pen

In this type of pen is giving a better performance and writing speed we can easily get smooth. This pen is very innovative and new concept of design is used. Also the working life is very good and cost is very less.It is also used as a safety purpose like the girls is directly give to the shock to other girl for as safety purpose.Also reduced the fingers pain due to the vibration.

Pen stand for office use

Our personal kind of objects like mobile, pocket, dairy, visiting cards this our objects can be self in pen stand.It is very simple size and shape.Basically the material used is wooden type.In this type of pen stand we can see the time and date with the help of watch it is attached our pen stand. We can identify easily because our name plate is attached is front of pen stand


This is an innovative concept and design which is used for human comfort and adjustable by PC. It involves ergonomics theory. Also, it involves CPU in the table which is used as a normal sitting chair which is a creative idea. In this I try to design chair which is multifunctional that use for put PC below sit and by use SS rod movement desktop up and down as required.

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